Our expandable business operational model allows your business to leverage Accounting Chief Advisor and Financial Controller services when required during important peak periods, then downsize this service during low periods, per your judgment. Since some businesses may not employ a Financial Controller due to high salary, we offer you a service second to none that you can count on our expertise to strategically prepare, forecast and analyze your operating budgets.
Our Controller lead services can be personalized to fit your requirements; these can include the following:
• Accounting staff duties’ review and supervision
• Ensuring that all earned revenue and incurred costs during the accounting period has been properly recorded
• Fixed asset management
• Double reconciliation of all Balance Sheet accounts
• Preparation of adjusting and closing T-entries
• Financial Statements’ processing
• CFO Services
Employing a full-time CFO might be expensive or you, therefore, it would be to your advantage to consider our Chief Financial Officer services that will enable you to avoid spending money on high salaries yet still manage your financials.